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Shortcut at BlackBerry System

To perform a test using the hardware diagnostic tool on the BlackBerry smartphone, complete the following steps:

On the Home screen on the BlackBerry smartphone, Select Options / Status.

On the Status screen, TYPE test.

On BlackBerry smartphones that have SureType , use the multi-tap input method.

From the menu on the Device Self Test Application screen, select Start

Phone Information

ALT + Right Shift + H = Phone Information gets you to the help me screen

ALT-CAP-H is a help screen

ALT-CAP-DEL performs a reset simulates a battery pull

ALT-L-G-L-G shows a log file

ALT-N-M-L-L Turns signal strength into numbers push it again to return

Pressing the LEFT Alt, Left Shift and H button will show your Vendor ID, Platform, App Version, PIN, IMEI, Uptime, Signal Strength, Battery Level, File Free and File Total

Enterprise Activation:

ALT-CNFG In Options -> Advanced Options -> Enterprise Activation Settings for Enterprise Activation

Address Book

ALT-VALD In address book list Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies

ALT-RBLD In address book list Force a data structure rebuild


ALT-RBVS Any HTML/WML webpage View web page source code


ALT+VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show extra info for a Calendar event

SYNC Calendar app>Options Enable Calendar slow sync

RSET Calendar app>Options Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the BES

RCFG Calendar app>Options Request BES configuration

SCFG Calendar app>Options Send device configuration

DCFG Calendar app>Options Get CICAL configuration

SUPD Calendar app>Options Enable detailed Cal. report for backup

SUPS Calendar app>Options Disable detailed Cal. report for backup

SUPN Calendar app>Options Disable Cal. report database

LUID Calendar app>Options Enable view by UID

SRSL Calendar app>Options Show Reminder status log


ALT + V I E W For messages, displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId.

Search Application

ALT-ADVM Search Application Enabled Advanced Global Search


MMSC Options -> MMS Show MMS hidden options

Home Screen

ALT-JKVV Home Screen Display cause of PDP reject

ALT + CAP + H Home screen Displays the Help Me screen

ALT + E A C E Home screen Displays the Help Me screen

ALT + E S C R Home Screen Displays the Help Me screen

ALT + N M L L Home screen Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.

ALT + L G L G Home screen Displays the Java� event log.


ALT-SMON WLAN wizard screen Enable simulated Wizard mode

ALT-SMOF WLAN wizard screen Disable simulated Wizard mode


ALT-THMN Any menu Change to no theme (B&W)

ALT-THMD Any menu Change to default theme


LOLO Options -> Date/Time Show Network time values


MEPD Options>Advanced options>SIM card Display MEP info

MEP1 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable SIM personalization

MEP2 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Network personalization

MEP3 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Network subset personalization

MEP4 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Service provider personalization

MEP5 Options>Advanced options>SIM card Disable Corporate personalization

To make certain symbol

Hold the letter then move your trackball up/down/left/ right (e.g hold R and move your trackball and became ®)

To make numeric/numbers from bbm, sms, etc (except homescreen)

Hold alt and press aA(Shift) before 0 (on Bold).

To return it, press alt again


“LD” inserts local date into a message.

“LT” inserts local time into a message.

“mypin” inserts your PIN into a message.

“sig” inserts your lock screen message into a message.

“myver” inserts your BB model/OS into a message.

“usrid” inserts your user ID (whatever name you named your device) into a message.

“mynumber” inserts your phone number into a message.


In an email:

“T” for top of message list

“B” for bottom of message list

“U” for first unread message

“C” for compose a new message

“R” to reply to current highlighted message

“V” Saved messages folder

“S” To search messages

On the dial screen if you need type a phone number like

1-800-FLOWERS hold down ALT when you want to type letters instead of numbers.

holding down the BlackBerry menu key on OS 4.7 and higher will open your application switcher.


Name: Decibel meter.

Description/ purpose: Displays your signal strength in decibels, instead of bars.

Process: Hold “Alt” and press “N”, “M”, “L”, “L” (repeat to reverse the effect).


Name: Address Book file verification.

Description/ purpose: Checks the data in your Address Book for inconsistencies.

Process: In the Address Book, hold “Alt” and press “V”, “A”, “L”, “D”.


Name: Address Book data structure rebuild.

Description/ purpose: Forces a data structure re-build in the Address Book…

Process: In the Address Book, hold “Alt” and press “R”, “B”, “L”, “D”.


Name: View source code.

Description/ purpose: Displays the source code of a Web page.

Process: In the Browser, hold “Alt” and press “R”, “B”, “V”, “S”.


Name: Help Me! menu.

Description/ purpose: Provides crucial technical information about your device, for when seeking technical support or help in forums…

Process: Hold “Alt” and (left) “shift”, then press “H”.


Name: IMEI display.

Description/ purpose: Displays your device’s international mobile equipment identity (IMEI – your serial number) on-screen… Also works from all other GSM handsets.

Process: Type “*”, “#”, “0”, “6”, “#” on the Home screen.


Name: “Soft” reset.

Description/ purpose: Performs a “soft” reset of your device; the equivalent of doing a “battery pull” (ie. Removing the battery for a few seconds).

Process: Press-and-hold “Alt”, then press-and-hold (left) “shift”, then press-and-hold “Del”.


Name: Event Log.

Purpose: Displays event logs of all the system-level events that occur on your device…

Process: Hold “Alt” and press “L”, “G”, “L”, “G”.

(9) Some new additions:

T – Top of page (in browser)

B – Bottom of page (in browser)

Space – Page down (in browser)

ALT + Right Shift + Del = hard reset

D – Memo pad

U – Switch between hide/unhide in title bar (in browser)

ALT + NMLL = numbers instead of bars for signal strength

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