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Aplikasi Mapper for blackberry

Mapper is a cool app that let you take part in the global OSM
community and “map your world” by adding Points of Interest (POIs)
easily and quickly from a smartphone whenever and wherever you are.
From your phone you can add details about the your local area and your
local community – get things set out right, add local details
including marking shops, restaurants, movie theatres, post boxes and
much more then upload it using BigTinCan’s new open mapping protocol
directly to the OSM servers. You’ll need an account with OSM to be
able to send POIs. You can get a free account at

You can also contribute to your community by lodging a TidyMyStreet
report right from the app – map potholes, graffiti, abandoned cars,
and other neighbourhood issues directly from your phone, and then view
them on

TrackMyRoute – Mapper includes the ability to track your route, and
then upload that route to your own computer or share that with your
friends. You can track your route live, check out the GPS details and
route status in real time, then send your route as either a ALX or GPE
file direct to your computer, to a router tracking website, or view
the route right then and there on your BlackBerry. In the FREE version
you are restricted to a single route, or you go GO PRO and manage more

Mapper lets you view your world using a range of maps views (using
different layers including tourist information, bike paths and even a
midnight view amongst others)

Mapper lets you overlay GPS information from your phone directly on
the map, and lets you jump right to MyLocation anytime.

You can also ShareMyLocation using EMAIL, SMS, or on a BlackBerry
using the BlackBerry PIN – ShareMyLocation sends your GPS details,
plus a link to where you can see your location on
the OSM map. This page is optimised for viewing on a phone – so you
can use this to let your friends know where you are, or send your
business location directly to your customer’s phone.

BTC Mapper is currently available on the BlackBerry and Android phones
with versions for iPhone and Windows Mobile coming soon.


Important Note:
Want to do all that and track your route, export your trip details and
view it right on a map on your phone – you need BTC Mapper Pro


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